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Our Reception and Office building is currently under construction. It will include a fully stocked camp store, laundry facility, exercise room, and washroom facilities. Additionally, a new pool and mini-golf course is being built.

Sitting by Campfire

Fire Pits

A Convenient Option

Girls Swimming Underwater

Swimming Pool

Perfect for Cooling Down


Recreation Hall

Creating Community

Nearby Attractions
Inverhuron Provincial Park & Beach

The white sand beach, dunes, and glorious sunsets beckons beachgoers of all ages​. A wetland and a young hardwood forest are also worth the trip!

Tiverton- a quaint community located in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. It is a hidden gem for travel and tourism, offering a variety of attractions, natural wonders, parks, lakes, trails, roadside attractions, and festivals

The King's Pearl- Pub and eatery with excellent pub style eats and daily specials in the heart of Tiverton

Beacon Hill Farm Market- By providing our customers with seasonally grown produce and humanely raised poultry and pork, we are trying to reduce our environmental footprint by offering all these products in a central location. Saturdays 8am-Noon


A quaint town filled with shops and restaurants for everyone.

The Tusk- Fine dining mixed with a pub, this restaurant is sure to impress

Erie Belle Restaurant- Perfect fish and chips every time

Marina- Right beside a rock beach with access to beautiful Lake Huron

Top Area Golf Courses

Somerhill Golf Club

Ainsdale Golf Course

Black Horse Golf & Country Club

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